About ARI Asiatic Research Institute


Asiatic Research Institute of Korea University

Since its establishment in 1957, ARI has been building human and material infrastructure for the growth of East Asian studies.


In particular, ARI has played a leading role in Northeast Asian studies by producing a number of research achievements in both humanities and social sciences.


ARI’s major publications include the Research Collection Series and Data Collection Series, as well as its quarterly journal, the Journal of Asiatic Studies, first published in 1958. ARI has been at the forefront of research activities by organizing international conferences and seminars every year.


As a leading institute in East Asia, ARI has played a central role in determining the future direction of Northeast Asian studies.

In 2008, the institute was selected as one of the recipient research institutes of the state-sponsored Humanities Korea (HK) Project for regional studies, obtaining a 10-year financial support from the government.


The institute has made efforts to become a global hub of Northeast Asian studies through the formation of academic discourses and the creation of research networks.


It is widely believed that Asia will lead the twenty-first century as the center of the world.


ARI will continue its role as a research network of national and international experts by charting the future of Asia and contributing to the resolution of global and regional challenges.


Furthermore, ARI aims to present a new vision of East Asian studies befitting the twenty-first century by reinforcing its tradition of inter-disciplinary research and producing solid research results.


ARI will continue its endeavor to go beyond the boundaries of South Korea and Asia and to become a world-class research institute in East Asian studies.


Thank you.



Director Asiatic Research Institute Korea University

Lee Jong-Wha