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Fellowship Recipients

Asiatic Research Institute of Korea University
The ARI Fellowship Program for Northeast Asian Studies

년도  이 름 소 속 연구주제 체류기간
2015 Xiao-ke Wang Northeast Asian Studies College of Jilin University, Lecturer The Study on Deepening China-ROK Strategic Cooperative Partnership

2016.8.1~ 2017.2.1

2015 Xiangfeng Yang Political Science and International Affairs, University of North Georgia, Assistant Professor The Strange Case of Foreign Policy Disorder China, Japan and the International Relations of Autocracy and Democracy 2016.5.10~ 2016.8.10


Year  Name Position Research Subject Period of Stay
2014 Thomas Quartermain (U.K.) University of Oxford (Ph. D Candidate) The Wars of Identity: Chosun State and Identity, 1590-1650 2015.1.7 ~ 2015.3.31
2014 Christian WIRTH (Switzerland) Research Fellow, Griffith University The Changing Sources of State Legitimacy in South Korea: Implications for Regional Integration in Northeast Asia 2015.1.6 ~ 2015.3.27
2014 CHIEN YiChun (Taiwan) University of Toronto (Political Science – Ph D Candidate) Rights to Settle? : Comparing Migrant Care Worker Policies in Taiwan and South Korea 2015.3.2 ~ 2015.9.1
2014 Loubna El Amine (Lebanon) Georgetown University (Associate Professor) The concept of Law in Early Chinese Thought 2015.7.15 ~ 2015.8.15


Year  Name Position Research Subject Period of Stay
2013 Nuno Santiago Ph.D Candidate in University of Cambridge / FCT Fellow South Korea and Regional Integration in Northeast Asia 2014.8.27 ~ 2014.12.27
2013 Matthew Shapiro Illinois Institute of Technology International Collaboration and Green Technology Generation: Assessing the East Asian Environmental Regime 2014.6.28 ~ 2014.8.1
2013 Sarah Anne Son Ph.D. Candidate in School of Oriental and African Studies Collective Identities in Tension: South Korean Unification Policy Discourses and Changing Public Attitudes to Unification 2014.3.1 ~ 2014.8.31


Year  Name Position Research Subject Period of Stay
2012 Emika Tokunaga Osaka University, Japan: PhD Candidate and Visiting Researcher Evolution of International Disaster Response Law: An Analysis from International Law Perspective in Northeast Asia

2013.2.1 ~ 2013.7.31

2012 Joan Cho Havard University, USA A comparative study of democracy movements in South Korea and Taiwan at the national and subnational levels 2012.9.3 ~ 2013.2.28
2012 Tingting LI University of Chicago Vested Enterprises and the Economic Reconstruction of South Korea, 1945-1960 2012.10.10 ~ 2013.4.9
2012 Aaron Moore Arizona State University, USA Technologies of Asian Development:" Japan's Early Technical Assistant Projects in Korea, 1961-1975 2013.6.10 ~ 2013.8.10 


Year  Name Position Research Subject Period of Stay
2011 Chia-Yueh Liao Politics and International Relations, University of Southern CA, PhD Candidate "Trade and Legalization in East Asia:How Do Developmental States Go Global?" 

2011.11.1 ~ 2012.1.15

2011 Aki Nakai Department of Political Science, Boston University, PhD Candidate "Constructing a Theory of Alliance Dissolutions-the Cases in the US-ROK Alliance under the Kim Dae-jung administration and the Roh Moo-hyun administration" 2012.9.1 ~ 2013.3.31
2011 Jerome de Wit  Leiden University, PhD Candidate  "North and South Korean writers' groups during the Korean War focusing on their attitudes and motivations during war and how these are reflected in their wartime writings" 2012.1.15 ~ 2012.7.15
2011 Craig Smith University of British Columbia, Department of History, PhD Candidate  "Asianism at the Margins of the Japanese Empire" 2012.3.28 ~ 2012.9.27


Year  Name Position Research Subject Period of Stay
2010 Vuillemot Thomas Univ. of Denis-Diderot-Paris VII, PhD Candidate Korean memories, past etiquette and social representations regarding the perception of Japan before colonization period, Japanese colonization intelligence and process of capture, and deculturation policy aspect

2010.10.25 ~ 2011.04.24

2010 Mobrand, Erik  National University of Singapore (Department of Political Science), Assistant Professor  Top-Down Democracy: Democratic Deficit and Development in the Republic of Korea 2011.05.16 ~ 2011.07.31
2010 Park, Saeyoung Johns Hopkins University (History), PhD Candidate Korea in the Regional Trade and Consumption of Opium, 1850-1950. (With tobacco as a comparative case)  2011.05.25 ~ 2011.6.30
2010 Hoshiro, Hiroyuki  Tokyo University(Institute of Social Science), Associate Professor  Regionalization and Regionalism in East Asia 2011.08.01 ~ 2011.09.02
2010 Fahy, Sandra Maoiliosa University of Southern California ( Korean Studies Institute), Research Associate  Linguistic Analysis of North Korean Speech Patterns in Oral Testimonies of Famine Survivors (Linguistic Anthropology) 2011.08.06 ~ 2011.10.31


Year  Name Position Research Subject Period of Stay
2009 Wang Weimin School of Int'l and Diplomatic Affairs, Fudan Univ., Assistant Dean South Korea's Contending perspectives in Regional Multiculturalism in Asia

2010.1.1 ~ 2010.2.31

2009 Timothy Steven Rich Indiana Univ., Bloomington PhD Candidate Institutional Effects of Reforms in East Asia on Party and Legislator Behavior 2010.6.21 ~ 2010.8.20
2009 Steve Song Research Fellow, "Youth Inequalities" Marie Currie Excellence Project  Social, Psychological, and Educational Adaptation of Children of Immigrant and Mixed Marriage in South Korea 2010.2.15 ~ 2010.8.15