• emblem [학술회의] 제6회 동아시아공동체포럼

    "Re-imagining East Asian Community: International/Transnational Challenges, Economic Cooperation, and Regional Identities"

  • emblem The 2nd Korea-China Joint Symposium

    An international symposium on Northeast Asian cooperation and the integration of the Korean Peninsula, held at Korea University on October 30, 2015, brought together more than 30 specialists from Korea and China and a large number of students and citizens interested in this topic.

  • emblem [International Conference] Center for Taiwan Studies International Conference

    [International Conference] The Comparative Analysis of Democratic Consolidation between Taiwan and South Korea & Cross-Straits Relations and Inter-Korean Relations Date: October 23 (Friday), 2015, 13:30~17:40 Venue: Grand Conference Room, Asiatic Research Institute, Korea University Host: Center for Taiwan Studies, Asiatic Research Institute (ARI) Sponsors: Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD), National Research Foundation of Korea Language: English The Center for Taiwan Studies, Asi

  • emblem [ARI Conference] Prospects of Korean Reunification and Its Global Economic Effects

    An international conference on Korean unification, organized by the Asiatic Research Institute (ARI), Korea University on March 6, 2015, has attracted the attention of a large number of unification specialists, Seoul-based diplomatic corps, journalists, and interested citizens. The event, held at Westin Chosun in downtown Seoul with the title of“Prospects of Korean Reunification and Its Global Economic Effects,”was co-organized by the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), the

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