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[International Conference] Center for Taiwan Studies International Conference
Date : 2015.11.23 (Mon) Hit : 2631

 [International Conference] The Comparative Analysis of Democratic Consolidation between Taiwan and South Korea & Cross-Straits Relations and Inter-Korean Relations
Date: October 23 (Friday), 2015, 13:30~17:40
Venue: Grand Conference Room, Asiatic Research Institute, Korea University
Host: Center for Taiwan Studies, Asiatic Research Institute (ARI)
Sponsors: Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD), National Research Foundation of Korea
Language: English


The Center for Taiwan Studies, Asiatic Research Institute (ARI), organized an international conference, titled “The Comparative Analysis of Democratic Consolidation between Taiwan and South Korea & Cross-Straits Relations and Inter-Korean Relations,” on October 23, 2015. Sponsored by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) and the National Research Foundation of Korea, the conference comprised two sessions: “Democratic Consolidation & Cross-Straits and Inter-Korean Relations” and“Democratic Consolidation, Nationalism & Transnational Space.” After the opening speech by Prof. Key-young Son, chair of the Center for Taiwan Studies, Taiwanese Ambassador Ting Shih made a congratulatory speech, highlighting friendly ties between South Korea and Taiwan in all respects.



14:00~15:40 (Session 1): Democratic Consolidation & Cross-Straits and Inter-Korean Relations
Moderator: Nae Young Lee (Korea University)
Tung-Chieh Tsai (Institute of International Politics, National Chung-Hsing University)
“Democratization and Cross-Strait Relations: Critics of Democratic Peace”
     Discussant: Hun Kyung Lee (Dong-A University)
Key-young Son (ARI, Korea University)
“Why Democracies Take Divergent Paths vis-à-vis Autocracies: Democratic Consolidation, Relationality, and Inter-Korean and Cross-Strait Relations”
     Discussant: Soo Hwan Im (INSS, Institute for National Security Strategy)
Kwang Kyu Nam (ARI, Korea University)
“A Comparative Study on Inter-Korean Relations & Cross-Strait Exchanges”
     Discussant: Chul Ho Cho (KPRC, Korea Policy Research Center)
15:40~16:00 Coffee Break
16:00~17:40 (Session 2): Democratic Consolidation, Nationalism & Transnational Space
Moderator: Jongtae Kim (ARI, Korea University)
Yu-tzung Chang (National Taiwan University) & Yi-ting Wang (National Cheng-Kung
“Deepening Democracy? Support for Polyarchy in Taiwan”
     Discussant: Key-young Son (ARI, Korea University)
Ming Lee (National Chengchi University)
“Comparative Political Democratization of Taiwan and Korea as Cousins”
     Discussant: Dong Sun Lee (Korea University)
Taek Sun Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)
“Nationalism of Korea and Taiwan: Focused on the Formations of ‘Nation’ and Ethnic Group ‘Discourses’”
     Discussant: Yi-ting Wang (National Cheng-Kung University)
Yoon Kyong Lee (Seoul National University)
“Transnational Ethnic Social Space: Between Semi-peripheries Taiwan and South Korea”
     Discussant: Jung-Mee Hwang (ARI, Korea University)









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