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[WP27] Prospects for Security Cooperation and Community Building in Northeast Asia

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[ARI Working Paper Series No. 27]


Prospects for Security Cooperation and Community Building in Northeast Asia


Shin-wha Lee

Korea University



Notes on Contributor

LEE Shin-wha, Professor of the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Korea University, received her Ph.D from the University of Maryland at College and held a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Harvard University (1994-97). She was a research associate at the World Bank (1992), a visiting scholar at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute(SIPRI), Sweden (1993), a special advisor to the Rwandan Independent Inquiry at the United Nations (1999-2000), chair's advisor of East Asian Vision Group(EAVG) (2000-2001), a coordinator of UNESCO Chair on Peace, Democracy and Human Rights (2001-2006), a visiting professor at Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies (IDSS), Singapore (2004), a Korean delegate of the 2004 Korea-China-Japan Future Leaders’ Forum (2004), a visiting scholar at East Asian Studies Program, Princeton University (2005), a full-time visiting professor at School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University, and a scholar-in-residence for political affairs at the Korean Permanent Mission to the United Nations (2009-2010). In addition, she has received Nakasone Yasuhiro Award of Excellence in 2008 and is a board member (2008-2011) and executive committee member (2009-2010) of Academic Council on the UN Studies (ACUNS), and an international advisory member of Asia-Pacific Center for Responsibility to Protect (R2P) (2008-present).

Prof. Lee has published numerous articles and books including Environment Matters: Conflicts, Refugees & International Relations (2001), Promoting Human Security (2004) and South Korean Strategic Thought toward Asia (2008), and “The Theory and Reality of Soft Power: Practical Approaches in East Asia” (2011), which cover the fields of global security including nontraditional security, international organization, and East Asian foreign policy and security cooperation.



The 1st East Asian Community Forum


Date: May 28, 2011