Northeast Asia Data Research Center

  • manages materials in the ARI Library
  • manages the Digital Archive
  • organizes and manages documents and publications that ARI has produced.

East Asia Library

The ARI East Asia Library currently houses over 57,000 books including materials on North Korea, rare books published before 1945, large books, and microfilms. The library is an indispensable place for researchers of Northeast Asian studies as it houses many valuable materials that other institutes in Korea do not possess.

Types and Number of Books
동아시아 도서관
Book General Serial Korean 843 76.832
Chinese 3,201
Japanese 2.592
Western 2,644
Sub total 9,280
단행본 Korean 20,444
Chinese 1,332
Japanese 26,827
Western 18,999
Sub total 67,552
Special Material Serial North Korean 1,747 5,610
Chinese 81
Japanese 708
Western 144
Sub total 2,680
Book 2,930
Non-book Microfilm 568 568
Total 83,010

Digital Archive

ARI has long engaged in finding and digitizing important materials for East Asian studies and making them available for researchers both at home and abroad. ARI is already providing digital versions of Diplomatic Documents of the Late Joseon Dynasty. It also plans to provide digital versions of “Historical Records of the Old Chinese Maritime Customs” and the “Korean Identity Survey (2005, 2010)” from July 2011. ARI will continue to seek out important materials and expand the digital service in the future.

Storing and Managing the Materials that ARI Produces

Ari was established as the first university-affiliated research institute in Korea and has presented a new direction for university research institutes. As a result, ARI’s symposiums and research plans have become important sources of information for the trend toward research in the humanities and social sciences and the study of intellectual history in Korea. ARI categorizes all materials that it produces as personnel, scholarship, accounting, and former directors, and then organizes and stores them. ARI also stores and manages all of its series, publications, and periodicals such as The Journal of Asiatic Studies. In particular, through its website, ARI provides digital versions of all the issues of The Journal of Asiatic Studies, various papers, and materials relating to 72 lectures.