Center for North Korean Studies

Center for North Korean Studies

In 1957, Asiatic Research Institute was established as the first research institute affiliated with university taking an initiating role in research on Northeast Asia region and the Communist bloc. ARI has held a academic conference and publish a study of books on a number of topics, it makes ARI playing a pivotal role in Asia not just the internal.

ARI has having ceaseless study on NK region, especially on 2013, had a special lecture the name of ‘North Korea under Kim Jong-un’ (Dr. Alexandre Mansourov, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies). On October, 2014, the Center for North Korean Studies was established as dedication to Northern part responsible for all issues pertaining to North Korea Study.
Professor Nam(North Korean Studies, Korea University) who served as Chief of Institute for National Security Strategy(2008-2011) and secretary general of the National Unification Advisory Council(2012-2013) undertakes the first head of the ARI Center for North Korean Studies and handles everything that has to do with research.

The ARI Center for North Korean Studies conduct total study about politics, economy, society, culture and history of North Korea aims to contribute mutual understanding of humanity and enhancement of culture. The ARI Center for North Korean Studies will try to provide new vision to a field of North Korean Studies by following ARI's tradition, interdisciplinary research, and accomplishing many tasks in Northern area. Not only North Korean Studies, we will construct research association by promoting research interchange with experts from home and abroad and collaborating research project with professionals in various fields. Through this we will foster NK experts and contribute improvement of inter-Korean relations, ultimately peace of Korean peninsula.


북한연구의 사업목표
Diversifying a Field of Study

Develop extensively existing field of research biased on politics and military.

Making Research Scientific

Analysis quantitatively the North Korean studies as a department of social science.

연구의 과학화

사회과학의 한 분과인 북한학을 계량적·정량적으로 분석한다.

Specialization in Research

Enhance professionalism conducting research interchange with specialists in the area.

Systematization Research

Set up and develop North Korean data systems.


Monthly Seminar

We discuss political pending issue and academic topic once a month.

International Seminar

We hold a seminar once or more a year by inviting an outside specialist to present research result of particular field and discuss idea about that.

Ordinary Science Council

Above this we conduct announcement and discussion frequently inviting domestic and foreign experts, professors in Korea University whose major relate with subject matter, graduate students, undergraduate students and public who have interests in the issue to hear a variety of opinions.

Main Research Subject

  • The characteristics and economic management study of the ways in the North Korean economy
  • A study on the forms of South-North Economic Integration
  • A study on the North's geography and industry
  • A study on the political regime and social change of the North Korea
  • A strategy research to respond sudden change in the North Korea
  • A study on transformation of the North Korea
  • A study on unification policy
  • A study on trends in the North Korean military - Real condition of WMD including nuclear and missile development
  • A study on the reform and opening of the North Korea
  • A study on the diplomacy of the North Korea - Sino-North, Sino-Japanese and US-North relations