Center for Asia & Africa Development Cooperation


직책 분야 성명 소속
센터장 주동주 교수
연구위원 정현용 전 국무총리실 실장
최두영 한국외대 겸임교수


The Center was established in January 2024 at the Asiatic Research Institute of Korea University in Seoul.

  • Celebrating its opening, the Center started with an impressive academic event
    - April 5, International Seminar on the Present and Future of Korea-Africa Cooperation
  • During the Korea-Africa Summit on June 4-5, the Center initiated some important cooperation activities
    - Lecture by the President of Botswana H.E. Mokgweetsi Masisi
    - MOU with University of Seychelles for academic exchanges

Interest Areas for Future

  • Area Studies and Publications on Africa
    - Understanding Africa, Economy of Africa, etc
  • Academic exchanges
    - Joint Research and Joint Seminar
    - Visiting scholars for lecture and research
  • Participation in Development Projects
    - Economic policies, Industrial development plans
    - Sustainable Development (Climate change, desertification)
    - Healthcare
    - Training of Officials for Academic courses
  • Development of the Center
    - as a full-fledged Africa Research Institute