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The Global Financial Crisis and a Change in China`s View of the U.S.; Analsys of Academic Perspectiv

2011.11.11 Views 115411

논문제목 : The Global Financial Crisis and a Change in China's View of the U.S.; Analsys of Academic Perspective

저자 : 이정남 (HK교수)

출판정보 : The Korean Journal of Area Studies, Vol. 29, No.2, August 2001




This thesis attempts to examine changes in China's perspectives of the United States that have occurred since the outbreak of the global financial crisis in September 2008. We can find signs that not only international, but also Chinese, academics were making more advanced evaluation about China's status as a new great power, with an emphasis on this period. The G2, or Chimerica, a neologism coined in the wake of China's rise and the decline of the U.S., has attracted widespread attention. Such new concepts have come into focus, explaining Sino-U.S. relations since the so-called “concept of stakeholders” made its debut in 2005. Therefore, it is very important in analyzing China's concept of a world order and future Sino-U.S. relations to find out whether there have been changes in China's view of the United States in response to the global financial crisis, given China's engagement in "great power diplomacy" since the early 21st century.


Keywords: G2, Rise of China, Sino-U.S. Relations, Peaceful Power Transition